The Checklist Manifesto

CGP Grey 推荐的

Title: The Checklist Manifesto
Authors: Atul Gawande
Edition: 1
Finished Date: 2018/09/18 - 2018/09/29
Rating: 1
Language: English
Genres: Self-Help
Level: Entry
Publishers: Metropolitan Books
Publication Date: 2009-12-22
ISBN: 978-0805091748
Format: ePub
Pages: 224
Download: ePub

CGP Grey在Hello Internet podcast里提到这本书

这本书里大多数是手术的故事, 因此我可以skip很多内容.

最重点的内容是在书的中间, 而且只有一页纸.

Checklist不需要列出所有的步骤, 只能列容易出错的关键步骤.

就和resume一样, 不要太长, 不要超过一页.

The end


  • 我收集了里面finance的checklist的内容, 将来作为我的选股票list
  • Research phase
    • go over 10 years’ key financial statements
      • Possible patterns across the statement
      • read footnotes on the cash flow statements
      • Review the statement of key management risks
      • Whether cash flow and costs match the reported revenue growth
      • Whether the revenues might be overstated or understated due to boom or bust conditions.
  • Decision making
  • Execution of the decision
  • Problems after investment

  • 我使用了周三和Rachel Guerrero提到的方法: 计算一个pomodoro里能完成多少页的书

    • 25分钟27页!!!!
    • 很开心自己能看得那么快。

Q: How to apply sophisticated knowledge correctly?

A: A checklist

  • failure of human memory and attention when a more urgent thing happens
  • faulty memory, distraction and interruption inside and outside/environment
  • People tend to skip steps when they remember them.


  • remind human of the minimum necessary steps and make them explicit

identify which kinds of situations checklist can help with and which ones they can’t

3 types of problems in the world

  1. the simple: a few basic techniques to learn

    e.g., recipe: bake a cake from a mix

  2. the complicated: problems can be broken down into a series of simple problems but there is no straightforward recipe.

    Unanticipated difficulties are frequent. Timing and coordination become serious concerns

    Once done, the process can be repeated.

    send a rocket to the moon

  3. the complex

    The outcomes remain highly uncertain.

    Once done, the process cannot be repeated.

    e.g. raise a child