The Wow Factor: Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget


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Title: The Wow Factor: Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget
Authors: Jacqui Stafford
Edition: 2
Finished Date:
Rating: 5
Language: English
Genres: Clothes
Level: Entry
Publishers: Avery
Publication Date: 2013-02-05
ISBN: 978-1592407736
Format: Pdf
Pages: 208
Download: Pdf

作者说自己是”I was a born fashionista” fashion是作者的兴趣爱好

secret 1: figure out fashion: love only the clothes that love you back

5 body shapes

  • sunglasses
  • fragrance bottle
  • heart pendant
  • cocktail ring
  • lipstick

1. sunglasses: balanced curves on top and bottom

If check more than 3 of theses questions

  • Do you have fairly balanced shoulders and hips?
  • Do you like to show off your waist?
  • Do you have shapely legs?
  • Do you wear the same size top and bottom?


  • a fairly balanced top half
  • a defined waistline
  • womanly tips


  • show slender waistline without making torso look short
展示的都是图片, 不适合截图.若我将来用得到才需要看. 我直接看我的梨形身材

2. fragrance bottle: smaller on top, bigger on bottom

If check more than 3 of theses questions

  • Do you think you look “bottom-heavy”?
  • Do you find pants that fit your hips but gape at the waist?
  • Do you need a whole size bigger on your bum?
  • Do you have a flat tummy and slim waist?


  • never have a problem finding tops that fit
  • go up a size or two to fit butt
  • no matter how much weight you lose, it never seems to come off bum or thighs
  • good part

    • slender arms
    • elegant back
    • flat tummy


  • key: 让上身和鞋子作为亮点
  • top: a boldly printed top that covers butt
  • pant: a pair of dark colored jeans

    • 没读懂什么意思

      look for cuts that fit snugly through the hips and thighs, and then have a subtle flare below the knee to balance bottom half


  • cover hip and thighs
  • 裙子上身的broad neckline使得屁股没有那么大

  1. a-line dress

An A-line skirt is a skirt that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A. The term is also used to describe dresses and coats with a similar shape.[1]

  1. slimline blazer
  2. leggings: black only
  3. colored scarf: the brighter the better


    • wear over simplest white tee or most corporate work blazer


  4. tee

    • boat neck tee: make shoulder look broader because focus is drawn to the outer corners

      def: a wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulder points, across the collarbone

    • off-the-shoulder tops
    • cowl neck tops
    • wide V-necks

      wear with

    • black boot-cut jeans 下摆宽的牛仔裤

    • high-heeled wedge 坡跟鞋

  5. one-shoulder dress
  6. tailored pants 不懂
  7. sequin jacket 带亮片的衣服

    anything metallic or sparkly brings the focus to wherever you place on the body

    style rule: light and sparkly magnifies dark and matte downplay


* tee

stylist rules: 上身越复杂越好,下身越简单越好

  1. focus on pieces that draw attention up to your neckline

    • shrugs: a short sweater or jacket that ends above or at the waistline.
    • boleros: a jacket ending above or at the waistline, with or without collar, lapel, and sleeves, worn open in front.
    • flutter sleeves: a loose-fitting tapered sleeve falling in folds over the upper arm
    • cap sleeves: a short sleeve designed to cover the shoulder and the top of the arm, with little or no extension under the arm
    • wraps
    • statement necklaces
    • eye-catching earrings
  2. don’t wear anything that makes your bottom half look chunkier

    • side pocket
  3. don’t wear anything on the bottom with fussy things

    • pleats: 带褶皱的裙子
    • ruffles
    • horizontal stripes
  4. don’t wear fitted pencil skirts, or pants that are patterned or light colored

    fitted pencil skirts: 一字裙

  5. don’t wear formless tunic dresses that hit just above knee 直筒没腰身的裙子

  6. don’t wear ankle-strap shoes unless you are fat legs

    我就是个胖脚, 我需要穿

petite for 5’3” or under 适合我T_T

  • wordrobe essentials

    • slim knit cardigan 开襟毛衣 我有
    • tailored jacket 不适合我, 因为这要穿在屁股之上, 但不符合我的身材
    • dark wash jeans, make leg look longer
    • small prints 不是我喜欢的

  • stylist rules

    1. wear sheer or light hosiery (袜子) to make legs look longer
    2. check out the junior section
    3. look for lines specifically tailored for petites
    4. never wear capris (半长不短的裤子)
    5. don’t wear heels that are too high
    6. don’t wear skirts that hit mid-calf 不能穿长裙
## secret 4: shop like a pro on line or in heels

1. 知道自己要买啥


a blazer for work a black belt for favorite pants
a classic trench

2. filter out pieces that don’t fit your shape

### if shop with a friend, rules

1. be selfish

practically impossible for 2 women to shop together and meet both needs

2. tell friend honestly
2. find someone unbiased who can offer a frank opinion without any financial motives

### what to wear when shopping
不要下雨天去买衣服 带上要穿的各种bra

### what in the fitting room
find the biggest room

stand far away from the mirror to look at yourself from different angle

at least 3 sizes of the same item move around

stand sit


### where to shop
department stores consignment store: a store that sells secondhand items (typically clothing and accessories) on behalf of the original owner, who receives a percentage of the selling price.

statement jewelry designer handbags
one-off evening gowns

### when to shop
seasonal, trend-resistant: done off-season

trench clothes for spring 大衣

spring: April

shop super early in the morning

months January: outwear for next year
Februrary: classic winter accessories hats
scarves gloves
boot March: fragrance
April: all the resortwear left over from the January spring deliveries kaftans
shorts lightweight tunics
May: heavy-weight knits and cashmere sweaters June: spring sandals
July: swimwear and sandals August: floaty, summery dresses
September: summary travel accessorries October: lightweight, transition pieces (cotton jackets)
November: Jeans December: bridal

## secret 5: turn runway into reality

### animal prints page 114

pair with a neutral solid

draw attention to the parts of your body you love

fragrance bottle: wear the print on top half to draw focus upwards

highlight shoulder & upper body

pair with a darker colored skirt or pants
lipstick: a head to toe dress

keep all other accessories to a minimum

pair with classic shoes: a simple nude pump works best

heart pendant: wear the print on the bottom half

keep everything else as simple as possible
sunglasses: anything that nips in at the waistline work
cocktail ring: accessories a slender silk scarf

### leather

fragrance bottle: cropped leather bomber

look for
wide lapels
exaggerated shoulders that broaden upper body lipstick: a fitted bodice or a dress with a corset-like top
heart pendant: a gentle A-line leather skirts sunglasses:

a sexy sheath dresss a fitted vest over a classic button

cocktail ring cocktail ring: a longer tailored blazer worn open

pair with dark wash jeans and a pair of heels

florals fragrance bottles

key: bring the focus to top half

a nipped waist bottom dress a nipped flared bottom dress

conceal hips and thighs

a bold floral print on top and a small, delicate print on bottom

lipstick: a body-con, watercolor floral
pair with nude accessories
heart pendant: a bold, attention-grabbing print on bottom half

pair with a fitted V-neck in a solid color

sunglasses: dainty florals on a cap sleeved, waist-chinching dress
a slim floral silk scarf through belt loops in lieu of usual leather belt cocktail ring: floral prints that are clustered vertically

### denim

### strips


secret 6: dress wealthy even if you are not

a harsh, bitter truth: when you are dressed with a dash of sophistication, you are treated better


rule No.1 fake a closet full of couture clothing

  • pick the right colors and prints


    • neon pink
    • citrus green
    • acid yellow


    • taupe 灰褐色

    • aubergine
    • sapphire
    • emerald

      a rule of thumb: if a color sounds like an expensive jewel, it will probably look like an expensive color


    • chocolate brown

    • camel
    • navy
    • charcoal
    • burgundy
    • cream
    • winter white

* plaid
* herringbone

combine different fabrics in the same color family

* satin
* fur
* leather
  • pick the right fabrics

    • a high percent of luxurious, natural fibers

      • silk
      • cashmere
      • wool
      • cotton


        synthetic, man-made yarns look and feel less high-quality

      • polyester

      • nylon
  • pick the right belt

    • tan
    • chocolate
    • black
    • faux-exotic skin

      • alligator
      • python

rule No.2: fake a fine jewelry collection

stick to classic pieces

  • wear less bling, more sparkle

    • not wear fake big one
    • wear small fake
  • blend spectacular eye-catching pieces with inexpensive ones

    others will automatically assume that each piece is a designer bran


    an instantly recognizable style statement like a sparkling Swarovski crystal necklace paired with a few cheap bracelets

rule No.3: fake lustrous, shiny hair

  • get trims and blowout regularly

    food that contain Biotin

    • nuts
    • eggs
    • Swiss chard

      omega-3 fatty acis help hair grow

    • flax sees

    • walnuts
    • healthy-fat fish

      • salmon
      • tuna
    • schedule regular trims every 4-6 weeks

rule No.4 fake cosmetic surgery

  • hide sun spots: BB cream
  • look like you have had an eye lift 不适合中国人
  • teeth whitening


    Crest 3D White Intensive Professional Effects WhiteStrips 我要用!!

  • look like you have had collagen injections

Shiseido's The Makeup Accentuating Color Stick in Glistening Flush S3

* dab a dot of cream highlighter on top of lip's Cupid's bow and in the middle center of bottom lip
* or put gloss just in the middle of the bottom lip to reflect the light
  • fake a perfectly sculpted nose

    • dip an angled brush into foundation that is a couple of shades darker than your skin tone and draw 2 lines down each side of nose
    • use a lighter shade to draw another line down the center of nose
    • then blend, blend, blend

rule No. 5: fake a fabulous lifestyle

  • facial cleaning

    Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleaning System

  • look like a nail salon

    • keep nails short, just to the tips of fingers
    • file them into a square shape with softly rounded edges


    • nude-ish pink: Essie’s Ballet Slippers ( a white pink) followed by a swipe of Mademoiselle (a super sheer pin) on top

    • Merino Cool, a toasty nude that is just a bit hipper than pale pin

    • Essie’s Chinchilly
  • look live you have lavish cosmetics

5 expensive essentials


designer vs discount


secret 7: baubles and bags


  • fragrance bottle: shorter chunky pieces
  • lipstick: bib pieces that sit in the midst of decolletage
  • hear pendant: longer pendant styles that hit at the navel
  • sunglasses: dainty, delicate necklaces
  • cocktail rings: longer Y-shaped pieces

silver or gold

  • silver with cool tones

    • grey
    • navy
    • blue-based pinks
    • violet
    • mint green
  • gold with warm tones

    • red
    • tangerine
    • bronze
    • taupe
    • burnt orange
    • coral


  • large-boned hands: bolder statement rings
  • smaller hands and fingers: more delicate pieces

    • a single solid band
    • a stack of slender rings

a beyond-fabulous ring draws attention to nails, so keep them in good condition


stick to just one arm alone

a similar palette to clothing


rule: the bigger your boobs, the lower you should wear it


  • a lightweight silky fabric
  • a narrow body-hugging silhouette

  • fragrance bottle: a 1-2 inch belt that sits just below natural waistline

  • lipstick: a wide belt around the natural waistline
  • heart pendant: a 2-inch belt worn low-slung on the hips
  • sunglasses: a skinny belt worn at natural waist
  • cocktail ring: a slim belt(1-inch) under an unbuttoned cardigan or an open blazer

shoes page 162


ask yourself these questions before you buy that bag

  1. are the closures tricky to open and close?
  2. does it weigh a ton with nothing inside?
  3. are the straps comfortable
  4. are you a gold or silver jewelry person

    the bag does not have an overdose of hardware that clashes with what you normally like to wear

  5. is it super deep and completely pocketless

sunglasses page 167

  1. do the frames flatter my face shape?
  2. does the frame color suit my complexion?

    warm complexions (yellow undertones): khaki, copper or peach-colored frames
    cool complexions (blue or pink undertones; black, plum, or dark tortoisesheel fames

  3. do you like the look from afar?

secret 8: ridiculously flawless skin and gorgeous hair